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Metered connection to save internet Bandwidth In Windows8/8.1/10

A metered connection is defined as an internet connection that has a data limit associated with it. In the windows 7 or before this feature is unavailable and has been introduced in windows 8 and onward, through metered connection user is able to choose if the windows system should use the internet resources or not, the user is able to restrict certain applications from using extra bandwidth.



  • Windows will only download priority updates
  • Offline files will not automatically synchronize, user will need to give permission
  • Application downloading from windows store will pause
  • Start screen tiles will stop updating live data from the internet.
  • Mobile data are set as metered as default

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How to set a metered connection:

It is quite easy to set up a metered connection, follow the step below:

  1. Go to charms bar (windows key + i )
  2. Find and click ‘change PC settings’
  3. From the left side select ‘network’
  4. You will then get a list of different network connections, click on what connection you want to change to metered connection
  5. Set as ‘set on metered connection’ as on
  6. If for some reason you decide to disable the setting, follow the above steps 1 – 5 but as this time select Off where is says ‘set metered connection’.

Wifi connection: start > setting> network & internet, select wifi advanced options > set as metered connection. Step by step guide to disable One Drive sync settings one drive always synchronizes data automatically which considers an incredible amount of bandwidth.

You can turn it off as follow:

  1. Charms bars > settings > change PC settings
  2. From the left side select One Drive and then select metered connection
  3. You will then be able to turn off the sync by selecting the off option under sync settings.

Keep a track on data usage:

To keep a track of your usage windows has a basic calculation which keeps the user up to date, it will show the amount of uploads and downloads which have been done through the metered connection only.

To check and turn on data usage, follow the steps as below:

  1. In the system tray select network connection
  2. Right click on the network you want and then select show estimated date usage
  3. A red box will appear around the word you have selected, left click and it will show you the estimated date usage.

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