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CoolUtils Audio Converter Version 5.2.149 -Latest

CoolUtils Audio Converter allows you to convert audio files to different extensions its interface is easy and straightforward its latest version has been launched read its features below.

There are many audio converters available almost all of them work in the same way but some are easy and some are difficult to use.Conversion format may vary on the version and free/paid options today Full Soft Version team is bringing an audio converter that will solve all your conversion problems.

CoolUtils, as the name suggests, is a cool application very simple and easy interface in the tree structure that solves your audio conversion problems.


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CoolUtils Audio Converter

Sometimes we need to convert audio files because of different devices that are available nowadays as technology is increasing new file formats are developing.We need to convert those files so they can be run on your favorite device this software has many new features some of them are summarized below.

  • It can convert all audio formats.
  • Can change float rate of conversion.
  • Can convert multiple files.
  • High-quality conversion.
  • Built in RIP CD option.
  • Command line.
  • Direct conversion without creating temporary files.
  • Built in the Audio player.
  • Integrate into Windows.
  • Almost all types of MP3, Real Audio, Wave file, OGG, Audio Tracks, Windows Media Audio are supported you can convert them to one another.
  • Lossless codecs to convert your files in a better way.

The company is keen to improve their products so they will be developing new versions every now and then so you need to keep visiting Full Version Soft to remain up to date to the latest content like software and Apps.

It’s our aim to provide you all the latest apps and software we a have a dedicated team that is working hard to bring you all the latest apps so like our fan pages and follow us you can download the software from given link.

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